Telephone Preference Service
The free opt out service enabling you to record your preference on the official register and not receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls.
This free service gives you the opportunity to select who contacts you by telephone. Once registration is complete telemarketers are legally bound not to call you.Find out more
Tell us about it. We're happy to handle your complaint and it will be included in our regular report to the Information Commissioner's Office.Find out more
The Telephone Preference Service is a free service which enables you to join the official register to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls.Find out more
Make A Complaint


Make A Complaint

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and the Corporate (CTPS) are happy to offer a complaint handling service as a value added service, however we are not the body responsible for enforcement and we are unable to take enforcement action against companies complained about. Complaints handled by TPS and CTPS are included in a regular report sent to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) who are the body responsible for enforcement. This enables them to identify trends in complaints being made and supports their investigation when taking enforcement action deemed necessary by them.

To take advantage of this free complaint handling service the following must apply:

  1. Your telephone number must be registered with TPS/CTPS for 28 days or more.
  2. The call that you are complaining about must be a live unsolicited direct marketing calls where you had engaged in a live conversation with the caller who tried to sell/market their products/service.
  3. You must be able to provide as a minimum the company name and/or telephone number, date and time that the call that you wish to report was received.
  4. You must consent that some information supplied (name, telephone number, postcode) will be supplied to the company against whom the complaint is made to enable them to coherently investigate the complaint, identify you on their record and remove as appropriate.

If any of the above does not apply TPS/CTPS may be unable to accept/investigate your complaint. But, you may benefit from reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the TPS website where you are likely to find detailed and helpful information regarding dealing with unwanted calls.